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SATISFACTION - The first London Escorts Agency with a boutique philosophy at affordable prices! 

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Review by Zach on 13/02/2017 (1h Incall)

Soft skin, luscious hair, spectacular pert breasts and if you'll forgive the cliche, she's even better looking than he photos. I think the word cute is particularly fitting. She's very smiley and smiled throughout. Made me feel very relaxed.  

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Review by David on 06/07/2016 (1 hour Incall)

Ramona is the real deal. Unlike other agencies that may use stock photos, Ramona is 100% genuine. In fact in my opinion she looks much better than the photos (I realise that a lot of reviews write this but this time it's true). She was naturally very beautiful and clearly looks after her petite toned body and health. I can't fault her. Very pleased. 

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Review by Andy on 22/06/2015 (1 hour Incall)

Elegantly very pretty with soft boobs & tiny neat pink slit. Small & lovely arse & tanned all over. Talkative when she needs to be & physical the rest of the time  

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Review by Andy on 03/06/2015 (30 mins Incall)

She's a pretty young thing with small pert tits and an amazing tummy and beautiful arse. Smiley and friendly she really excels at making you feel at home. And I was right at home in her arse. She really worth the money, time and travel. Highly recommended  

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Review by M. on 05/04/2015 (1h Incall)

Fancy is absolutely awesome. She is nice and sweet and I never met a call girl like her. She really makes you feel like you're being loved.  

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We are a private business aiming to provide a unique individual experience to the discerning gentlemen looking for the best possible escort service in London.

We are committed to offering our high quality service in the most comfortable, discrete, intimate and welcoming way. Respect for our client, discretion, attention to detail, top quality at affordable prices, friendliness  and sincerity constitute our convictions.

What defines our boutique philosophy is our outstanding individualised customer service and the fact that not all London escorts are listed on Satisfaction, but only exclusively the best.




The criteria under which is we choose our ladies is simple but firmly selective. As far as we are concerned, a friendly open minded attitude, an elevated taste for adventure, attention to detail and a deep respect for her client is what makes an average escort a top one. That, together with a cocktail of ability to seduce, sensuality, sex appeal, good sense and a strong desire to look after their appearance will enable an escort to become listed on Satisfaction. Last but far from least, we do check on a regular basics the incall locations where the girls receive their clients and we always advise the ladies so as to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in a discrete, safe and highly hygienic environment.




We are always very careful to offer an exceptional customer service and a quick, simple and stress free booking process. When contacting us you can be sure that your call or online  request will be dealt with by a friendly and understanding receptionist which will carefully listen to all your requests and will be happy to personalise your experience in order to make sure that you are getting the most out of your date with one or more of our stunning escorts. We can even help organising your evening. For a longer booking, we can book your transport, your restaurant, a table in a club or even help you choose your hotel if you are travelling to London from abroad. To find out more about our Concierge Service click here.

Because we consider that in our business familiarity is important, you will always find the same people answering the phone, helping to make your  experience more personal. We always make sure that the person answering the phone personally knows all the ladies on the website and is also familiar with their incall locations, therefore to deliver an informed and most appropriate advice on anything you could need to know before your visit.



The same people who answer your call and reply to your email (or text) are also updating daily our website and so, whether you are looking for an information on the website or making an inquiry you will get up to date accurate information, consequently we will be able to answer all your questions at the time of your inquiry. Also, you can be assured that all the information on our website is always correct and all the ladies pictures are recent and genuine. What you see is what you get and we have applied a strong policy of no fake pictures and absolutely no fake reviews. Because your feedback is very important to us and we are aware that our customers are interested in reading as much feedback as possible on our ladies, you can be certain that all your reviews are posted, as long as the content is legitimate.



Although our website is new and we represent a new concept, our team at Satisfaction has been involved in the escort industry for some time, so you can rest assured of our high standards, professionalism and our awareness when it comes to looking after every single one of your needs/desires. By selecting elegant and high standard escorts and taking care that their service is faultless, we make sure that we have many repeat clients, so that every client who chooses us once comes back and that the only reason why a client might be nervous before his date is from the excitement of the anticipation and never because he wonders if his experience will be a great one or less so.

Remember, at our London escorts agency Your Satisfaction is Our Passion and that is what will make you love and cherish us, that is what makes us the best!


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So much pleasurable pain

I read a note on his record, which stated he liked “bondage” escorts. Just to be sure it was the right guy and that I could be prepared for any kinks, I asked Joe what services he would need on his evening in London. He hesitated and then thanked me

Tue Aug 4 2015, 11:16 pm Our Escorts' Pictures are 100% Genuine!

With an escorts industry that becomes more and more competitive in London, with a lot of new girls arriving every day and many new agencies to choose from, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that more and more of our first time clients ask a legitimate

Sun Jun 14 2015, 4:28 pm Why Seeing an Escort is Good for You!

If you are one of those people that find it easy to pass judgement and often are ruled by preconceptions, please take a deep breath before reading my article cause it might scandalize you… I am an escort and I am proud of what I am doing! I believe the

Mon May 25 2015, 2:22 pm Our Best Reviewed London Escorts Gallery Explained!

In order to be listed in our Best Reviewed gallery, the girl needs to have gathered quite a bit of good feedback, consisting in written reviews or simply clients calling or texting to say that they were really pleased with that particular escort. Having c

Thu May 21 2015, 2:40 pm Laura - The Girl of the Moment at Satisfaction London Escorts!

One of the latest additions to our All Services Escorts Portfolio, Laura quickly became one of the most appreciated members of our team. And that is because every single client that booked was really happy with her and most of them extended their visit to

Tue Nov 25 2014, 10:17 pm

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